Whataburger Welcomes Back Whatacatch Fish Sandwich And Platter For 2023 Lenten Season

The Whatacatch Fish Sandwich features a filet of Alaska Pollock coated with seasoned panko breadcrumbs, topped with lettuce, two slices of tomato and tangy tartar sauce, all sandwiched on a plain bun. For extra oomph, Whataburger suggests adding Creamy Pepper sauce or a slice of American cheese.

The Whatacatch Fish Platter includes two crunchy fish fillets served on a bed of French fries with a side of tartar sauce.

The Whatacatch Fish Sandwich and Whatacatch Fish Platter can be found at participating locations chainwide for a limited time through April 10, 2023.

Image via Whataburger

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The Habit Whips Up New Banana Wafer Shake

The Banana Wafer Shake features vanilla ice cream blended with banana syrup and vanilla wafers. The shake is finished with a whipped cream topping and crushed vanilla wafers.

While prices vary, the Banana Wafer Shake is priced at $5.29 at my nearest location.

You can find the new Banana Wafer Shake at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.

The Habit Whips Up New Banana Wafer Shake

Image via The Habit

$10 menu item you need to try

Known as the boating capital of Victoria, Paynesville is the perfect place for a getaway by the water.

The charming seaside village is surrounded by lakes on three sides that provide the perfect place for whatever water sport you choose and canals and inlets offering plenty of sheltered moorings for boats.

Explore these – but ensure that you take the ferry across to Raymond Island, home to one the largest wild koala populations in Victoria. Walk or cycle the island’s Koala Trail and spot its furry residents.

Hit the local walking trails – Paynesville Sunset Cove Walking Track winds its …

Fancy eatery in WA named Australia’s best

Juniper & Bay in the inner suburb of Como took out the top prize in TripAdvisor’s 2021 Travellers’ Choice “Best of the Best” Restaurants Awards.

The high-end restaurant has won fans across Australia and around the world for its sophisticated take on modern Australian and European cuisine, with a menu that features sumptuous dishes like salmon carpaccio with lemon gel, roast duck in port and prune jus, and a Manjimup truffle degustation option.

Fancy eatery in WA named Australia’s best

Lauren Graham- How I Find Humor in Aging

Years ago, I was in Amsterdam with one of my friends, Jen. We’d smoked pot that day. Try not to be upset about this. In Amsterdam, that’s what people have for breakfast with their Pannenkoeken.

While walking through the city, I tripped and fell for absolutely no reason. After I fell, I lay on the ground for a moment in shock. I wasn’t hurt or anything, I was just surprised. My shoes were tied, the pavement was smooth, and I hadn’t been wildly weaving or jumping around or even walking very quickly. And yes, I was a little high, but not in a way that would have led to forgetting how to walk. There was really no excuse at all for me not to be upright. I looked up from the ground and said, “Jen! Gah! What if, someday, I become one of those people who jus…

Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Will Block Downloads of Media

Netflix Inc. isn’t planning to let users of its new ad-supported tier download shows and movies to their devices for offline viewing, according to code found inside of the company’s iPhone app, removing a feature that customers enjoy on its regular service.

The move suggests Netflix is doing what it can to distinguish the upcoming service from its current offerings. The streaming giant, which eschewed advertising for years, is planning to roll out the ad-supported level by early next year. But hints about the new service are already reflected in code hidden within its iPhone app.

“Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads,” according to text in the app that was discovered by developer Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg News. The code…

Breaking Down Ahsoka Episode 7

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 7.

Ahsoka‘s first season could be headed for a less-than-happy ending.

Despite Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), and Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) finally reuniting in the closing minutes of episode 7, titled “Dreams and Madness,” the show appears to be foreshadowing a heartbreaking twist.

Breaking Down Ahsoka Episode 7

Since Sabine located Ezra on the extragalactic planet of Peridea in episode 6, he has mentioned repeatedly how eager he is to return home, to a conspicuous extent. Sabi…